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Dope City Beauty of the Week 11/27/17

Kierra Luna, 27

Leo, Aug 19th born in Akron, Ohio
“Be a Positive spirit with a heart of gold” is her motto.

Kierra is an Ambitious young woman who is caring and very laid back. She said she is an Introvert, but once you get to know her  its hard to shut her up.She said she loves to make people laugh and may be one of the funniest people you’ll ever meet


Kierra is currently working at DHL as a mail sorter and is doing some modeling on the side and has  been able to be apart of some amazing runway shows. She said she is blessed with many talents but music has always been her first love, with practice hard work and dedication her goal is to do what shes always loved in being a successful singer/songwriter, model, actress, and business woman. Advice for those who doubt me – “Don’t count me out just yet”

Hobbies: Singing, modeling, makeup, writing, eating,working out, living life!

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IG: Sheisluna_
SC: Luna
Twitter: SheisLuna

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