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Double Standards

They say when you with yo girl and you put your phone upside down your hiding something, but half of females have their notifications turned off so the message don’t pop up on the screen if your phone locked. Soooooo who’s really hiding something…..

I feel if you go out your way to try and hide something your wrong in so many ways if you can’t do it in front of your significant other your wrong. If your phone goes off and you don’t answer or put it upside down while your in front of your partner I could cause conflicting problems between the two. Understanding and communication is key if it’s reasons notifications are off or certain things are locked that should be communicated with your significant other, the biggest problem today is the lack of communication between people we hide so much and do things so out of the normal that anything could be deemed cheating. Lastly I feel it’s no need to go through your significant others phone all the time there isn’t love without trust and by running through someone’s stuff all the times so a form of lack of trust. Tune in Saturday at 6pm to listen to myself and my Triple M ca Padres talk in more detail about double standards and more…….

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