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Down & Dirty w/ Britt & Spliff 2-20-20


  • Position of the week – Banana Split (variation of doggy style) – Your partner enters you from behind and you are on your stomach with our head down.  This allows for much deeper penetration (take it  easy fellas, especially if you are well endowed and/or have some nice girth to your manhood).  You partner can also raise your legs up a little so he is in total control (you are  no longer using your knees to support your body).  This is the perfect position for the ladies if you are not 100% comfortable with him  seeing your facial expressions while you are getting your back blew out! 
  • Dating somebody who is controlling – red flags (wanting proof of where you are and who you are with, making you keep your location on so they know where you are at all times, not allowing you to spend time with any of your friends/family because “they don’t like them,” not letting you  go anywhere without them…)
  • Dealing with deadbeat baby dads/moms… how do you handle it??  (child support, not letting them see  the kid, going public on social media about their lack of financial/time support, changing their last name…)
  • Dating somebody who’s BD/BM does  not want you around their kids, but you are really feeling this new relationship.
  • Thirsty Thursday – what’s the most extreme thing you have done to get some sex???
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