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Dr. Umar Johnson on Gay Rights VS Black Rights

I came across this video on YouTube, and I thought I should share it with you guys.  I actually share the same views with Dr. Umar on this topic (regarding the gay rights vs black rights).  Now to clarify, I do not have any problem with gays, lesbians, trans or any of that AT ALL!!!  But when Obama was in office, it seems like they clearly gave our black rights to the gay community.  Check out this video, and lets talk about it.  I am also attaching the full video below because the whole interview was pretty controversial, but as always…  Dr. Umar Johnson makes some very valid points.


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One thought on “Dr. Umar Johnson on Gay Rights VS Black Rights

  1. All rights have a law. Black has no right. We are Moorish American not black therefore the gay community is under the 14th amendment working on rights just as black Americans should work on Moorish American rights. It’s time to put in the work that everyone else is doing instead of downing the human race unique people. IJS. Islam

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