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Drake did it again ?

Once again the talented Drake has done it again. “God’s plan” dropped February 16,2018 and visual shocked the world. He stated the budget for the video was $996,631.90 and gave it all away! That’s right Drake shot his “Gods Plan” video in  Miami and went to various locations and handed people money or brought well needed items for families. From college funds to  grocery stores but I can’t give it all away! I will say this to ME DeAnna Kay thinks this is video of the YEAR! Drake has been blessed more than he can imagine and he is a blessing to many. When you give back to those in needs and do positive actions they come back! And I know we can’t bless people how Drake does but you never really know what someone is dealing with an one act of kindness can change their mood. He did something amazing to me as a artist he could have spent that money on any video but chose to help others less  fortunate than him and it’s amazing. Actions like this could help better a person situation. Just imagine have all years of college paid for all you had to do was graduate. No worries on how you have to pay for college. You wouldn’t be stressed and could focus on your classes. Not to mention no students loans to pay back! Your blessed! Going to college and having a job where you have to work lots of hours just take care of home can be stressful. In my opinion speaking from experience that would be a blessing not to have to pick work over school. Imagine this you going to school to better your life but if you don’t work enough hours you won’t be able to handle your basic responsibilities. So now your working more but you not as focused on school how you wish to be. That causes a list of issues but big ups to Drake thst was dope go check out his video ?http://smarturl.it/DrakeOVOGodsPlan

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