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Drake, J. Cole, The Weekend & Joey Logano All FaceTimed w/ Young Elijah Before He Died From Cancer

Born to Kiara Swope, young Elijah has resiliently battled cancer for a long three years, showing courage & strength all the while. Unfortunately after this past thanksgiving, his condition had took a turn for the worst.

It was found that lil Elijah had a tumor attached to his colon. Days later, Elijah was rushed into emergency surgery due to a ruptured colon. Toxins would then spill over into the fighter’s stomach, that prompted staff to wash him out, leaving the wound opened, using a Wound Vacuum to remove the remaining toxins, that would have ultimately killed him.

Elijah had beaten cancer twice & was on his way to accomplish that same victory a third time. From ICU, breathing machines, heavy sedation, surgeries & unbearable pain, Elijah still displayed the heart of a champion that pushed forward.

Over these last few months many people have expressed their genuine love & support for Elijah & his family. Unfortunately on March 27, 2020 Elijah made his transition, but before he did, a few of his favorite people called in to speak with the Champ. Elijah was 11 years old.

We all love you Elijah!!!!



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