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Drake’s Dad Said Drake is Lying About Him To Sell Records!

Dennis Graham (Drake’s dad) had an interview with Nick Cannon, and he was talking down on Drake. Graham alleges that Drake lies about him in his music because it sells more records. He said that he confronted Drake about it, and Drake even admitted he was right.

Drake posted a statement on social media in response to the interview, and he seems to be really hurt about what his dad said about him. He said that every bar he ever spit was the truth. Check out Drake’s statement below and also the interview which sparked all the controversy.

Drake’s words ~ “Woke up today so hurt man. My father will say anything to anyone that’s willing to listen to him. It’s sad when family gets like this but what can we really do that’s the people we are stuck with… every bar I ever spit was the truth and the truth is hard for some people to accept,”

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