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I have a group of friends (Its 4 of us) and long story short one of our friends (Friend Hoe) is having sex with the other friends dude of like 10 years or more (Friend Got Me Fucked Up).

Friend Got Me Fucked Up is mad at me that I didn’t tell her about, but for some reason she is not mad at Friend Hoe.  Now granted it I did know about it, but I didn’t condone it.  I told Friend Hoe she was dead wrong and she needed to tell Friend Got Me Fucked Up or I would tell her, but I just couldn’t bring myself to break up the friendship.  To keep it real, Friend Got Me Fucked Up… her nigga ain’t shit, she always hears about him in the streets but I do understand why she is mad.  But she mad at the wrong person and she really do got me fucked up talking about she is going to beat my ass when she sees me.  She need to be mad at the fact that Friend Hoe is pregnant and it could possibly be Friend Got Me Fucked Up’s boyfriend’s baby.  BUT BET I WON’T TELL THAT HOE SHIT!

Am I wrong for not telling?

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