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DreDay & Ayo New Video DEAR LORD

Huge S/O to DreDay and Ayo!!!  Ear Kandy Radio really rocks heavy with these dudes!  If you’re from the city of Akron, then I know you have seen them promoting some party or their “Song Wars” from city to city.  These guys really work hard.  They recently just had a day party at Jilly’s also located in Akron, OH and it was body rocking.  But what people didn’t know is that they were filming for their most recent video “Dear Lord” staring DreDay and Ayo of course, with features of everybody in attendance of the day party.  I was there and I’m not gonna lie…  Had I known they were shooting a video, I would have been all in that camera!  LOL  but the video is dope.  It definitely has a great vibe to it and I was even singing it after the song went off “Dear Lord”…  Check it out here, subscribe to their You Tube channel and give it a thumbs up!

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