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DUMB A** Woman Kills Her 3 Year Old By Playing “Chicken” With Her Car

Harris County, TX – Lexus Stagg, a 26 year old woman, has been accused of running her son over with an SUV (2006 Lincoln Navigator) while playing a game of “chicken”… and ultimately killing the poor baby!

I thought the game “chicken” was played with two people driving cars towards each other to see who is “chicken” and turns off first, so I am not sure exactly what version of the game they were playing. Nonetheless, it resulted in her 3 year old child dying.

Lexus was caught on surveillance camera driving towards her three children as they ran towards the SUV. Two of the children moved out the way of the vehicle, but the three year old was hit!

First the baby was hit by the front tire and Lexus did not stop immediately, so he was also run over by the SUV’s back tire as well (which weighs over 5,000 pounds). Lexus told the police she didn’t stop because she thought she just hit a speed bump.

Lexus was charged with criminally negligent homicide, and if she is convicted, she can face up to 10 years in jail. Since the death of the three year old, her two older children were also removed from the home.

Now this isn’t Lexus Stagg’s 1st rodeo on being a “not so good mom.” Back in 2013 her two older children had been removed from her home and entered into child protective services.

Poor baby, I truly pray for these kids and for this mother as well.

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