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DWayne Wade’s 11 Yr-Old Son Shows Off His Acrylic Nails & Belly Shirt

UPDATED – 12/1/2019 @ 10:57 PM

Dwayne Wade had a few words in response to all the people hatin on him, his son and his family. He seems to stand on his decision to be a father first, who will love & support his son NO MATTER WHAT! Good for you DWade!

A lot of the celebrities and people in general were posting pictures of what they were thankful for this year, and the Wade’s were no different!

Gabrielle Union uploaded a picture to Instagram of the family, telling her family, friends and fans how grateful she is to have their support. It was a nice family picture of the Wade’s and their two children, but when you zoom in on the picture, you see something that’s not too typical for an 11 year old (especially an 11 year old boy).

Zion (DWayne Wade’s son) can be seen in the picture wearing acrylic nails and also rocking a belly shirt. Now we all know that Zion came out as “gay” earlier this year, and his parents have been supporting his lifestyle ever since. Take a look at the picture she posted below…

Take a closer look at Zion…. and I want to know do you guys think this is appropriate for an 11 year old boy?

A lot of their friends & family had nothing but positive things to say, but you know there were some people who just don’t understand the lifestyle, and they want to know why they are letting their 11 year old son dress like a woman. So let’s talk about it. Do you think they are being supportive parents or are they doing too much by letting their son dress like this??

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4 thoughts on “DWayne Wade’s 11 Yr-Old Son Shows Off His Acrylic Nails & Belly Shirt

  1. This is the problem with this world. Judging individuals is not for any of us to do.
    Worry about your own house/home if you have one. That’s their child given him the unconditional love and support he needs is a parents job.
    If for any reason people don’t like it stop paying attention and your issue wilL be solved.

  2. I feel like this it’s so many kids have committed suicide because they didn’t have no support even if they try to stop him from being who he is its not going to change his lifestyle I give them up most respect because if you doesn’t have your parents love no matter what situations that makes you feel alone in this world so very those wanna judge leave judgement to God

  3. I understand he doesn’t want to disown his son or make him feel like he is a disgrace but as a man and father he should have really thought back on if he had a daughter and if she would have been able to do the same thing.. It’s good support but it’s over the limit forsure now he basically influencing other kids who THINK they are gay as well that this is anytype of normal
    But it’s his family

    1. Wtf if he’s gay that’s no one’s business but his own. Deal with it. He’s probably a great person. I see people talking stupid here.

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