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Ear Erotica

Ear Erotica is a term we are going to use for “making noise or talking” during sex. When it comes to having sex, the “noise” usually sets the tone, and it really turns a lot of people on when you talk dirty during sex.

Now when I talk about “noise,” I’m not saying you have to be all loud or anything like that (& a lot of times when you scream really loud, the men think you are faking it anyway). It can be just a whisper in your partner’s ear, telling them how good they are making you feel.

Now, I know talking “dirty” can sometimes be embarrassing (especially if you are just getting with a new partner). You may not know what to say or when you should say it… so here are a couple tips on talking dirty in the bedroom.

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Tell them how good they are making you feel – it really turns a man/woman on when you tell them how good the sex is feeling.

  • “Oh my God daddy, it feels so good when you do it like that”
  • “Nobody has ever made love to me (or f*cked me) like this”
  • “I love the way you give me head (suck my d*ck/ eat my p*ssy)”
  • This is yours (this is your p*ssy/ d*ck)
  • “I’m coming baby” (be sure to turn it up a notch when they tell you they are about to come so they can have an orgasm out of this world)

If they are not doing it how you like it… don’t say they aren’t doing it right, just tell them how you want them to do it. Nobody wants to be told they are not doing it right… so just give them easy directions to follow & say it in a sexy tone.

  • “Slow down baby/ speed it up”
  • “Get it wet/ spit on it/ swallow it”
  • “Let me turn around baby”
  • “Get on top of me”

Once you get comfortable talking dirty during sex, your sex life will really explode. Nobody wants a quiet and boring sex life. Spice it up and figure out something freaky to say next time you have sex.

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