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Ear Kandy Radio Appears in Ploptyk Innovation’s 1st Commercial

Our newest Affiliate Sponsor, Ploptyk Innovations LLC shot their first commercial for their featured product, the MOTOPAL.  The MOTOPAL is a hands free clipboard, that can attach to your steering wheel and turn your ordinary vehicle into an entire workstation in your car.  They come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit any vehicle (even semi trucks).  For more information on the MOTOPAL, or to order yours today… go to www.motopalauto.com.

But back to this commercial… YESSS, Ear Kandy Radio will be making an appearance in their first commercial for the product!  It was truly an honor to be apart of the filming process.

The commercial was shot in the flats of Cleveland, OH.  Ploptyk Innovations LLC wanted to highlight the different features and attaching accessories for the MOTOPAL.  They had a beautiful model on the scene as the main character of the commercial.  

We (Wayne’s Views, Tasha’s Tea and myself) thought we were only going to be there to support our sponsors. 

We had no idea that Tasha’s Tea and myself would actually get an opportunity to be featured in the commercial as well.  But of course, you know we showed up & showed out!  What’s next for Ear Kandy Radio?


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