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Ear Kandy Radio Interviews YFL KELVIN

Def Jam’s YFL Kelvin & Ear Kandy Radio’s CEO Brittney Miller

YFL Kelvin was just recently signed to Def Jam Records earlier this year. Ear Kandy Radio got the chance to sit down with him and talk to him about some of the things he’s done since being signed. Some of the things I like most about YFL Kelvin is the fact that he hasn’t forgot where he came from! Since he has been signed, he takes every opportunity he can to give back to the people in his community (he’s from Cleveland, OH).

Ear Kandy Radio’s VP of Production Wayne’s Views & YFL Kelvin

Ear Kandy Radio has had an awesome opportunity to network with one of the music industry giant promoters, Big Heff! Now Big Heff does work with Def Jam records and he is also apart of the Nerve DJ’s, but more importantly, he is really connected in the industry! He actually arranged this interview with YFL Kelvin, so I definitely have to give him his props and say thank you!

But check out some of the clips from our interview. Please excuse the background music.

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