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Ear Kandy Radio Judges The Who Got The Juice Showcase

Ear Kandy Radio was recently asked to be judged for the “Who Got The Juice Showcase” in Akron, OH, presented by Greenhouse Records own @Ayo Blunt God & @Dreday

The event was located at “Just A Dream Studio” on 1000 Kenmore Blvd. There were over 20 artists who performed, and I can honestly tell you it was my 1st time seeing or hearing about them!

There were a lot of Cleveland artists in the building! I love showcases put together by Greenhouse because they always have new artists performing. These showcases are designed to help the artist learn how to perform in front of crowds, and also helps them gain their fan base!

There was only supposed to be three winners, but there ended up bing a tie between three of the artists, so five winners were chosen. The winners won an opening spot for FBG Duck, who will be performing at the Uptown Lounge in Akron, OH on June 22nd. There will be one more showcase, and one more opportunity for you to open up for FBG Duck on June 16th in Cleveland, OH.

If you’re an artist, and you’re looking for more exposure, be sure to contact one of the Greenhouse Reps to get entered in their next showcase.

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