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Ear Kandy Radio Made The Front Page of the Akron Beacon Journal

Ear Kandy Radio has been popping up on the scene everywhere!  We have been promoting our new segment called the Heartbeat Of The Streets, where we will pop up on different businesses in the community & various community events and get a chance to interact with the owners and/or organizers.  We use this segment to inform the community on the movers and shakers in the community.

There was a press conference at the House Of The Lord discussing Issue One which is on the ballot

Ohio’s controversial ballot initiative to lessen drug penalties has divided pastors and police, prosecutors and social justice activists, community and city council.  Ohio Issue 1 would reduce the penalties for using or possessing drugs from a fourth- or fifth-degree felony, which can lead to prison time, to a misdemeanor, punishable by up to six months in the county jail.  The constitutional amendment also would allow prisoners to reduce their sentences by up to 25 percent by completing educational, work or rehabilitative programs while incarcerated.  This wouldn’t apply to those convicted of murder, rape or child molestation. 

This press conference seemed to be focusing on the bad aspects & Summit County judges, prosecutors and the community united to come against Issue 1.  

Summit County Common Pleas Judge Joy Malek Oldfield (in the blue) speaks out in opposition against Issue 1.

Summit County Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh said the issue would:

• Make drug possession a misdemeanor, even when it involves heroin, fentanyl and cocaine.

• Decrease prison time by up to 25 percent for all crimes by giving inmates credit for participation in prison programs.

• Eliminate prison time for probation violations unless a new crime is committed.

Brittney Miller (CEO of Earkandyradio), Wayne Dix (VP of Production Earkandyradio), Sherri Bevan Walsh (Summit County Prosecutor) & Natasha Crapps (VP of Operations Earkandyradio)


Bishop Joey Johnson (pastor over The House Of The Lord), admitted to getting a lot of pressure from the community & church members to support Issue 1, said he thinks people should try not to be so polarized that they don’t fully research the issue.  He said the conspiracy theorist in him makes him question why people in other states are putting millions of dollars into an Ohio ballot issue.  “I don’t believe it’s for us,” Johnson said.

Bishop Joseph Johnson (House Of The Lord), Natasha Crapps (VP of Operations Earkandyradio), Brittney Miller (CEO Earkandyradio) and Steve Parker (Earkandyradio Manager)

The Ear Kandy Radio team stood up & we had a few questions regarding their opposing views.  All of our questions were not answered, but we did make our presence known.  We also really appreciated the different judges, prosecutors & officers who approached us & we exchanged information.  We have some big things coming up and we will continue to have our ears to the streets for our community.  Take a look at our live video at the press conference. 

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