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“Nature Boy” and His Thoughts Of Nudity Around Children  

I came across a video of a man who referred to himself as “Nature Boy” who was speaking of being a nudist and how he doesn’t cover himself when children are around. What he was saying came off very aggressive and disturbing, but it made me think about parents who are around their children without any clothes on… and I wondered if they could relate. First off, check out the initial video I saw and listen to his views of being nude in general and even having s*xual intercourse around children. So apparently, Nature Boy (Eligio Lee Bishop) was/ is the leader of a polygamist cult called Carbon Nation — which believes in nudism, refraining from bathing and defecating on ...
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Your Business Could Win $1,000 Giveaway During The 7th Annual Networking Extravaganza

Al Jones Marketing presents The 7th Annual Northeast Ohio Small Business Networking Extravaganza this Friday, December 16, 2022. This prestigious event will be held in downtown Akron at the John S. Knight The N.E.O Small Business Networking Extravaganza is a networking event designed to give small business owners and entrepreneurs the opportunity to network with prominent influencers from Northeast Ohio and offer information on resources available to excel in their business endeavors. The event will be hosted by Monique Clark and Joy Gadson. Business owners and anybody who will be in attendance are encouraged to register for the event, as there will be a $1,000 GIVEAWAY to one lucky person during the event. To win, you must register for the ...
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Facelift for Ed Davis & Perkins Pool

The City of Akron launched a community wide assessment of its community centers to determine which facilities were most in need of improvements and what specific upgrades residents wanted to see in 2020. Ed Davis was one of three facilities deemed to be the most in need of significant repair. This is a much needed upgrade. The community center most of us grew up in will finally have a brand new everything and we are excited to see it. "Creating and maintaining fun, safe, accessible public spaces is necessary for any community to thrive. The upgrades at both Ed Davis Community Center and Perkins Pool will revitalize these spaces for our residents to enjoy for years to come. By taking ...
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A Town Without Police

Small town of Kenly, NC. with about 2,400 people in Johnston and Wilson counties about 45 miles southeast of Raleigh finds themselves between a rock and a hard place. When the police force, the town clerk and the town’s utility clerk resigned back on Wednesday, July 20, 2022. This all stems from the hiring of Justine Jones for new town manager, which didn't sit well with the 20+ yr police chief Josh Gibson. Jones was hired out of 30 candidates in a national search, according to a town news release. She previously worked in local governments in Minnesota, Virginia, South Carolina and North Carolina. “The new manager has created an environment I do not feel we can perform our duties ...
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Daycare owner shoots husband for molesting children

Shanteari Weems, 50, of Randallstown, Maryland, is accused of shooting her husband of 5years, for allegedly molesting multiple children at her daycare. Weems revealed that she owns a childcare center in Baltimore County and that she had recently received numerous calls from parents of the children accusing her husband of molesting their kids. The couple had gon to a D.C. hotel for the evening. Weems claims that the calls made her very emotional so she decided to bring it up to her husband. During that conversation, Weems says, the situation escalated into an argument, and at some point during the argument, her husband stood up and walked in her direction. Weems says that is when she retrieved her gun and ...
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Dial 988!!!

On Saturday 7/16/2022 the US went live with it's first mental health crisis hotline number 988. Designed to be as easy to remember but instead of the dispatchers sending police, firefighters or paramedics, 988 will connect callers with trained mental health counselors. This service is now available for everyone in the United States. "One of the goals of 988 is to ensure that people get the help that they need when they need it, where they need it. And so, when a person calls 988, they can expect to have a conversation with a trained, compassionate crisis counselor who will talk with them about what they're experiencing. If it's the case that they need further intervention, then likely the crisis ...
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Brazilian Doctor Gets Caught Orally R@ping A Woman While Having A C-Section & Heavily Sedated

Brazilian anesthesiologist, Giovanni Quintella Bezerra, was arrested on July 10th after one of his co-workers secretly filmed him orally raping a woman as she gave birth via cesarean section. The hospital’s staff were concerned about Giovanni, and had a few legitimate reasons. He had just graduated from medical school about two months ago and they speculated he was administering too much anesthesia to the patients and began to get suspicious when the pregnant mothers couldn’t even hold their own babies after they delivered. The hospital staff members set up a hidden camera during Giovanni’s third cesarean-like procedure. At that point, even his positioning near patients during surgeries had caused concern. Giovanni was captured (on camera) sexually assaulting the pregnant mother ...
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Jayland Walker’s Funeral Is Today In Akron, OH

Akron, OH - Jayland Walker’s family will finally get to lay him to rest today after her was murdered by eight Akron police officers on June 27, 2022. Jayland Walker’s funeral will be held downtown at the Akron Civic Theatre (182 S. Main Street), from 1:15-2-30ET, and you can view his body from 10:00 - 1:00 (yes it will be an open casket funeral). Confirmed guests are black elected officials, Akron’s own, LeBron James and Spike Lee. Jayland Walker (25) was gunned down by eight Akron Police Officers. Jayland Walker caused eight “trained” Akron Police Officers to fear for their heavily armed lives! Jayland Walker's life was cut short with 60 rounds of gunfire from eight Akron Police Officers whom ...
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Orlando Brown Claims Lil Bow Wow Has Some “Bomb P Valley”

Infamous Disney channel star, Orlando Brown, has been quiet and out of the spotlight lately, but he recently dropped a bombshell on the Breakbeat Media audience, claiming that rapper Bow Wow allegedly has some bomb a** “P word!” Brown was asked when was the last time he watched 106 & Park. He sarcastically said “when it was hot… when Bow Wow was on there.” He was then asked if he has a problem with Bow Wow, and he replied “I ain’t got no problem with Lil Bow Wow… Lil Bow Wow got some bomb a$$ P*$$¥” Crickets…. So many questions! What are your thoughts? Orlando Brown said it with so much confidence. Do you think Lil Bow Wow really gave ...
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Pimping or Parenting?

There have been many women to come forward about mega star Robert Kelly or R. Kelly and the lifestyle beyond music. This one stood out a little more vivid in my personal opinion. The 17 year olds recount of not only her & Kelly, but her and her mom's candid conversations about the potential love life that her mother wanted her to have with the derailed singer. 17 yr old "Jane Doe" (as she was referred to in court documents) shared numerous text messages from 2015, between herself and her mother. The stories of parents using their children as bargaining chips are far from new. Parents wanting a glimpse of the high life at the expense of a child is ...
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