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Ear Kandy Radio Visits The Fallen Father’s Summer Camp

Ear Kandy Radio (Brittney & DeAnna Kay) had the opportunity to speak with the kids at the Fallen Father’s Summer Camp this past week. First of all, I would like to commend them for what they are doing!!! There were over 70 kids there the day we arrived. Just being able to handle that many children on a daily basis, and still smile while doing it is truly amazing.

The Fallen Fathers Foundation was designed to help children from fatherless households, whether it be due to DEATH, INCARCERATION, or ABSENCE. They are working tirelessly to create youth and community development through mentoring, programming, recreation, and community service, with a strong emphasis on education, mental health, and financial empowerment. Fallen Father’s recognizes that in lower class communities these  factors influence much of the crime. Fallen Fathers works directly with families to help create a better situation. 

While we were there, we told the kids all about being on the radio, they told us some of their favorite songs, and we even set up a radio show for them and let them talk about the topics of their choice. Listen to the show below (the internet connection was not very strong, so the show sounds choppy, but we will have them in the studio next time to broadcast their show).

Fallen Fathers Summer Camp – Today we will be talking about 

  • Donald Trump
  • Barack Obama
  • Checking your candy before eating it.


Thank you so much to the Fallen Fathers for letting Ear Kandy Radio come through and speak to the kids, and thank you for all you guys do in the community! Take a look at some of the clips we were able to catch.

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