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Ear Kandy Radio’s Call To Action #KandyKoins

If you guys follow my page and my radio show, you know I am always talking about “Our Village” and how it takes a village to get things accomplished, especially when dealing with the children.

Recently, a friend of mine was reaching out to me to actually encourage me on some things I have been going through personally. I told her how I had just seen her son and I gave him and his friends a ride. That’s when she told me that her 15 year old son was recently robbed at gunpoint in the Rosemary’s (Akron, OH). They took his shoes and his cell phone.

Come to find out, the reason he was robbed at gunpoint was about a fight his friends had gotten into. He wasn’t involved in the fight, but in the robber’s eyes, he was guilty by association.

I felt so bad about what she had just told me! I wanted to do something, but I wasn’t able to do it alone. So, I decided to put out a call to action to my Face Book friends & followers. I told them the story and asked for people to donate anything they could.

Over the course of three days, our village was able to raise $185 towards the cause, through 19 donations of $1 – $80. A friend of mine Ev Curry contacted me and said he wanted help. He works at Kicks Lounge, and he told me that he would put the rest of the money towards the shoes (along with a discount from Kicks Lounge).

On Saturday, we met the young guy and his mother at the Kick’s Lounge located in Arlington Plaza. When we walked in the door, of course I did the introductions, then Ev Curry told the young man he could pick out any shoes he wanted out the store. WOW!!! In addition to a pair of shoes, they also let him pick out a shirt to match.

Ev Curry @3c1022
Adam @southivong
CJ @cjmoore330
Tevin @tevinnnnnnn

Just seeing the smile on their face made it all worth it! & just like that, #KandyKoins was born!

#KandyKoins will be a branch of Ear Kandy Radio who helps generate donations from the community to help out a person in need. More details to come… but big thank you to all the people who helped to make this possible.

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