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Ear Kandy Radio’s Heartbeat Of The Streets w/ Brittney Miller at The Fallen Fathers

For today’s episode of Ear Kandy Radio’s Heartbeat Of The Streets (HOTS), I had the pleasure of interviewing Tim Anderson Jr., the Founder and CEO of The Fallen Fathers Foundation FallenFathersFoundation.org

Tim Anderson Jr. has totally turned his life around, as he was previously into the “street life” where he sold drugs just to make a living.  Mr. Anderson was actually in prison when he got the idea to start the Fallen Fathers Foundation.  According to a previous conversation with Mr. Anderson, he told me that it really bothered him that he was away from his kids for that short amount of time (although while you’re going through it, a month can seem like a year).  But for him, what was even worse was the fact that some of the men he was imprisoned with would never go home to be with their kids again.  And what about the fathers who have unfortunately lost their lives?

Instead of asking who would step in & SAVE OUR COMMUNITY and our children, Tim Anderson Jr. became the change he wanted to see in our community.  His organization has started an after school program located at the Lawton Street Community center here in Akron, OH where they help the kids with their homework and also provide HOT MEALS.  We support everything The Fallen Father’s Foundation has going on and you should too.  Please take a look at our video footage, our interview with Tim Anderson Jr. and even the kids let me ask them some questions.  Let’s bring our village back!

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