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Ear Kandy Radio’s Heartbeat Of The Streets w/ Char Johnson & The Owner Of MR PANTRY!

On this episode of the Heartbeat Of The Streets (HOTS) with Char Johnson, she had the opportunity to talk with the owner of Mr. Pantry located at 950 Copley Rd. in Akron, OH about its current state & their response to certain members of the community & city council wanting to close their store because of all the recent crimes.

There was an emergency meeting at the Copley Road Community Center yesterday 9-19-18 to address the recent shooting at Mr. Pantry last week as well as a few other issues the community is dealing with.  The owner of Mr. Pantry showed up because she wanted to let everybody know that they want to be apart of the solution!  They want to help… but nobody in the community has ever approached them about helping.  She reported that they made well over 200 calls to the police regarding things going on in their store as well as outside of the store, but nobody is talk about that!

As a community, we have to come together to figure out some solutions that will impact the entire community.  In my opinion… it is not Mr. Pantry’s fault alone, nor is it their job alone to make sure nothing criminal happens at their store.  They cannot control everything all the time.  As parents & concerned members of society, we must talk to our kids!  We must correct children when we see them doing the wrong thing!  It takes a village, and we need to bring our village back!  Check out this video footage of Char Johnson interviewing the owner of Mr. Pantry!

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