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Ebonie Marie Baxter Knew Her Son Cyrus Baxter Wanted To End His Life & Did Nothing

Cyrus Baxter, 20 year old son of Ebonie Marie Baxter, fatally ended his own life by crashing his vehicle into trees earlier last month. >>> Click for details about his suicide.

Ebonie Baxter (mom of little Byron Baxter of The Baxter Boys) allegedly knew her son was suicidal, but she did nothing to help him, according to Cyrus’ ex-friend, Cierra.

Cierra spoke out on social media about not only his death and him wanting to commit suicide, but she also revealed that Cyrus was sexually and mentally abusing her and his mom was aware of it. She says she met Cyrus back in May at the job she was working at the time (Wendy’s). She said he gained her trust then turned into a completely different person. Cyrus would make her cut herself on her arms and wanted them to commit suicide together.

Cierra says back in July, she texted Ebonie to tell her that Cyrus was talking about suicide a lot and she thought she should know since she was his mom, and to get him some professional help. Ebonie just brushed her off and told her to call 911 because she was going to bed, and told her to “be blessed.” Cyrus even told Cierra that his mom wanted him to die!

When Cyrus died, Ebonie was very “open” about his suicide. She kept her fans up to date on everything happening. Many people were saying she was just doing it for the clout (money) and she was a really good actor. Ebonie told us his girlfriend didn’t even call her to tell her he had taken his life (because she was on the phone with him when it happened), but she never mentioned his ex-friend sending her that text message. She also knew her son was a sex-offender but kept him around her other kids for the sake of the show.

My feelings towards Ebonie Baxter have been tainted by a video I posted a few years ago. She was being really nasty to her biological daughter, whom she gave up for adoption. The way she spoke to her own child literally gave me chills.
>>> Click here for proof & also >>> Her biological daughter spoke out.

Below are the screenshots off of Cierra’s page, speaking her truth. Take a look below and let’s talk about it. Do you guys think Ebonie is a genuine person? You can also go to Cierra’s page on Instagram. Her page is public to see all the comments posted.

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4 thoughts on “Ebonie Marie Baxter Knew Her Son Cyrus Baxter Wanted To End His Life & Did Nothing

  1. His mom did say on one of her lives that she had to block one of his friends because she would text her too much and she was irritating..

  2. He’s right where he should be in the gates of hell. If he was still on the earth he would be in prison!!! He took the cowards way out. I found out an hour before he ran into those trees! My daughter then had conversation about it after she told me. Then his mother said something to him and then he decided instead of dealing with his consequences of his actions he took himself off the face of the earth! Must be a lot of truth to what my daughter saying is how I feel about this.

  3. Ok, I don’t believe she just did nothing. I do believe she got to a point with him where she felt he was beyond help. Listen, if you’re not mentally and emotionally strong enough to deal with someone who is truly hell bent on taking their own life, please don’t judge. Depression is real not only for the ones suffering through it but those who are suffering through it with them. It’s just like a drug addict, they will drag you with them. And understand that some ppl want help and some don’t. Those that really don’t want help will do everything not to get it. At that point, u have to pray God’s will which is the absolutely hardest thing to do. To say God let your will be done in their life bc idk what to do anymore. If you’ve not been there, PLEASE REFRAIN FROM JUDGING! Prayers for healing for this young lady as that had to be absolutely harrowing for her and at such a young age. May God rain many blessings on her. I suggest she also seek professional help bc this is so traumatic. To Cyrus’s family, may God rain blessings on them also as I know that their hearts are broken. May he bless them with the peace that surpasses all understanding and comfort them as only he knows how.

  4. You all are just crazy!!! Those are children that were screwed up by their parents!!! Children don’t come from the womb messed up!!! Parents cause it! And Cyrus’ little girlfriend has some issues her parents need to take responsibility for if she allows someone to cause her to hurt herself.

    This is what’s wrong with this country today! You people don’t take care of your children and make them grow up to be angry hurt adults!

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