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EBT & GiveDirectly Are Giving Random Users $1,000 CASH Due to Covid-19

Due to the global pandemic and so many being affected by COVID-19, the FRESHEBT app & the GiveDirectly (project 100) are teaming up to give random EBT users $1,000 in cash!

There is no way to apply for this program. People are randomly selected (must have the FRESHEBT app), because of course, they are not able to provide an extra $1,000 for everybody.

Log on to the “FRESH EBT” app (download it and register if this is your first time using it). If you are one of the people randomly selected, you will see this picture and there will be a blue box that says “CONTINUE” directly up under your balance.

After answering the questions, another message will come up which looks like this… then just make sure you follow all prompts to set up your hyperwallet.

If you have any questions or need more information, log on to to their website.

>>>>> Project 100 <<<<<

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