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EKR Music Mondays – King Locust (Louis Rojas)

Our boy King Locust has really been on his grind and all in his bag! He definitely kicked off the year strong with new music, videos and he will also be opening a Music Museum right in the Kenmore area.

His new video “Louis Rojas” is FIRE and the lyrics are even more FIRER (lol is that a word)!!! The video was directed by Rob Bruce, and King Locust has mastered the art of promoting himself! All throughout the video you can see him and all the other people in the video rocking his Global Mogul wear and also drinking Clique Vodka.

Y’all gotta check this video out. King Locust makes music for the real G’s, so if you can’t “feel” it, you have probably never experienced any real street shit! One of my favorite lines from this song is posted below.

I don’t want the fame…. I just want the return!

~King Locust

I think people get so caught up in this “rap shit” and even on social media promoting their “business”.. and they forget the actual goal is to get money! But check out the video below, and tell me what you guys think about it. Be sure to follow @King Locust on Instagram… Also S/O to my girl @ashcrakk who was the main video girl… OKAY NOW Boo, I see you!

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