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EKR Review: OBE JayB – Being Honest

Akron, OH – The music scene in Akron has really been pretty dope lately. OBE JayB just dropped a new single along with a video, and I can honestly say it’s FIRE!

The song is called “Being Honest” and the video was directed by Michael McBride, and all throughout the song… he is really being honest! Some of my favorite bars are….

Real niggaz preach… but he is not a pastor!

He don’t drive a Porsche but they say he on horse shit!

Nobody buys yo CD’s so they talk to the shelves!

Money came it brought complications!

You see a nigga everyday until they owe you money!

He’s just being honest… can you blame him?


I am really impressed with this song & video. OBE JayB is really talking some real shit. Take a look at the video below, and let me know what you guys think about it.

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