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Eli Bandman

Elijah Better know for his stage name Eli Bandman. A talented artist from Akron,Ohio. At the age of 24 he has started his own record label after only rapping for a few years. Starting from the beginning Eli had struggles at an early age. He spent time in foster care. His uncle and grandmother were able to take him in. Even though his mother was a very strong women she encountered hard times. Fortunately she stayed strong and was able to get him and his brothers and sisters back. At one point in time he lived near a nice Caucasian woman who often looked after and would even feed him and his brothers and sisters. This women is someone who never treated them different despite the diffence in their race. As a child this stuck with Eli to always treat people equal and lead a helping head if possible. Eli is from what is known as the valley of Akron, near Lane Field. Where he met many friends some who he still talks to today and some who lost their lives before it even began. Eli learned how to be a respectful and responsible man. He father was very active in the community of Akron. And a role model to many and still is. The trails and tribulations Eli endured in his early years pushed him to go hard and be different. He wanted to make a change for those who need help. Throughout his life Eli also played sports and even went off to on a full ride from Baltimore Morgan state. He later left to start his music career. He started off managing a group from Akron know as 20 Cash. They ask him to hop on a track and the rest is history. He started off his career and at age 24 has started his own recording label “Bandman Records” and is looking for new talent. Being the oldest over three younger sister and ome little brother on his mother side Eli wishes to make a change in the city of Akron. Eli is the youngest on his father side with Seven sisters and five brothers. Eli wants to be the change in the younger generation by showing them a different way. Eli has a different style of rapping and a message for the younger generation. He plans on  building his label and being consistent in the studio. Eli wants the world know about his name just like they know Lebron James from the city of Akron. Theirs so much talent in Akron, ohio soon the world shall know. Thanks for the support Eli can be reached for meet and greets, events, music and any other even by email BellElijah11@yahoo.com, Facebook: Eli Bandman, Instagram: Eli_bandman1


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