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***Email Questions***8/13/2015***

Greetings Brittany and Jaz, I listened to your show on Domestic Violence Monday for the 1st time.  Good topics but I felt as though you two were very biased when it came to women hitting on men.  I have a domestic violence on my record because of no fault of my own.  My ex-wife got caught cheating and I was packing my things to leave her.  She kept yelling at me to listen to her and give her another chance but I just ignored her.  When I gathered all the things I was going to take with me, I tried to walk out the door and she grabbed the back of my shirt by the collar area.  She let me go and I tried to leave again, but this time she hit me upside my head with a candy dish that was on the table.  We were arguing, but I persistently tried to walk out of that house until I was literally running down the street away from her.  She kept punching me in my back and I fell, so she started kicking me.  I restrained her by putting her in the full nelson until the police got there (somebody called them).  Yup and you guessed it, I went to jail.  I had to pay a lawyer, I have a DV on my record now all because she was cheating on me!  So yes DV does happen to men!  I am a victim.  I just wanted to share this with you guys and let you know I loved the show.  Keep it up.


~Yea she beat my ass


Hi ladies,

I really hope you pick my email because I need advice.

My sister has been in a abusive relationship for almost 5 years now.  Her and her boyfriend have 3 kids together and every time they get into it, the kids are right there.  I pick the kids up from daycare everyday and my oldest niece came to me and told me that her daddy keeps hurting her mommy and her mommy cries all the time.  I love my sister to death.  We used to do everything together and we were so close, but now she isn’t even allowed to come over my house.  We have to sneak to Canton or Cleveland just to see each other & spend time together.  She always has a different bruise on her.

What do I do?  How do I help my sister?  Would I be wrong if I called the police on him?  I was raised in the hood and I know that it is not ever right to call the police on anybody.  I just feel like I need to do something before it is too late and there is no documentation on file.


Dear Brittney and Daprincezz,

I’m in between a rock and a hard place.  Last month I was chilling over my cousin’s house and her dude came in sloppy drunk and started whooping her ass for no reason at all.  He blacked both her eyes and he even fractured her wrist.  I tried to help her but he locked me in their basement.  My cousin is finally tired of going through this and she called the police on him but now its her word against his because she also messed him up pretty bad.  I was just subpoenaed to court to testify and her behalf.  Now of course I want to be there for her, but her dude is CRAZY!  He is a big time drug dealer and I already know how he feels about snitches and I know what he did to somebody who snitched on his boy.  I dont know what to do.  Please help

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