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Emails for 10/8/15

Email #1

Me & my EX-BESTFRIEND were friends ever since I can remember. We grew up together since we were about one year old.  We did everything together!  I mean EVERYTHING. To make a long story short, she hooked me up with one of her cousins from Alabama.  He moved up here for a better job.  He was real cool and we hit it off immediately. Things got serious a too fast but I was okay with that because all I ever wanted was to be with one man and raise a family. I got pregnant (I’m 6 months now) and that’s when things took a turn for the worse. 1st it was verbal and mental abuse. Calling me ugly and fat, telling me that I will never finish school and he will have to take care of me for the rest of my life. About 2 weeks ago, things got physical. He smacked me across my face because I cooked his steak too well done. He hit me so hard, I fell and my nose was bleeding. Of course I went to the hospital to make sure the baby was ok, but I told my best-friend about it and she acted like she was on my side. I was telling her that I was going to press charges on him & by the time I got to my house to get some clothes, he had the police waiting on me.  My best friend was there too co-signing for him.  I am so confused & hurt and now on top of having to move out at 6 months pregnant, I am facing Domestic Violence charges. Even though I had the proof from the hospital, since he called the police 1st, Im shit out of luck.  I feel so helpless…  What should I do?  Is there anything I can do?

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