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Eminem tries to make amends to his mother….

We all know about the estranged relationship between Eminem and his mother.  He spoke on it in his song “Cleaning Out My Closet”…  He said some pretty horrible things about his mother in that song.  I can remember thinking that I could never disrespect my mother like that regardless of the situation (especially publicly).  But honestly, it is hard to say what you would do in a situation that you have never been personally effected by.  On, the outside looking in… we can comment and give our opinions, but we cannot truly judge a person’s motives!

However, Eminem is admitting that the way he went about it was wrong, and he seems to be apologizing to his mom in this new song called “Headlights”.  Take a look at the video and blog with me.  Could you forgive your mother???  Could you forgive your son???


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