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Erykah Badu Said She’s Tired Of Fighting Ricky Smiley’s Mom

Okay… 1st of all, I must have been hiding under a rock because I didn’t even know that Erykah Badu and Ricky Smiley were dating!!! But nonetheless, they were dating and Ms. Badu took to her Instagram account to tell fans the reason her & Ricky Smiley broke it off.

Ricky Smiley & his mom Carolita Smiley Lester

Allegedly… Come to find out, Ricky Smiley’s mom got them hands. Check out her status below & comment below… what are your thoughts? Could you date a man if you did not get along with his mom??

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(((This post Is A joke.Damn blogs 😂)) we been joneing one another’s mothers for years . Very good friend and brother. So happy for all his success and wanted to make him laugh!!! I always play it straight so u may not know if I’m telling the truth . Takes an advanced sense of humor maybe . 👀 understandable if you don’t know our history . Google us nigga. ________________________________________________________This guy . I love . Period . But his mama won’t get out our business. She was at my show in Dallas waiting back stage to fight me again. And I’m tired of it. SIS RELAX. We had 3 fights and I keep laying that ass down. But this time that bitch got me… in the Jaw. I didn’t recognize her cause she was blending in with mary j blige dancers. Her body look young cause of crack. I pressed charges and they let her right back out. Now every time I get to the last song on my set I start taking off my jewelry on stage. I got anxiety .I’m tired. Just …tired. She still lift weights. Yes! in 2019. Ion give a DAMN! I swear I’m gone rock her ass if she square up on me again. Bout to see what this ho made of. @rickeysmileyofficial ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ and that’s why we broke up.. #dallas #sickOFhisMama #knocktoothout #policehogtied #intheJaw #butch #eatWitHermouthOpen #ho #stillgotbraces #bih #here #i #go #shedontWannaScrap #WINDOWSEATheadASS ##iCANnot #stopPlayinOnMyPhoneBitch #mamasboy #takemeOutMyCharacter #SisRELAX #fake #notPISSINforYouNoMore_NextTimeYoujustGoneHaveToGetADirtyUA! #gitchoMomsSon #😡 #nuts #outsideWithNOshirt #maryJBligeKick #ironmantraining #bobbydebarge #heAintGONEdoNOTHINbutTakeUpForherp

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