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Exclusive Pictures, Interviews & Videos for the Opening of iPromise School – THANKS LEBRON

Today will be a day that goes down in history for the city of Akron and for our hometown hero LeBron James.  Not only has he brought home championships to the city, he has also just done something that no other NBA player has ever done for their home town.

7/30/18 – Marks the date that the I Promise School opened their doors for the 2018-2019 school year for it’s students.  The School is located at 400 West Market St. in Akron, OH 44303.  The I Promise School is a joint venture between the LeBron James Foundation and Akron Public Schools.  The school board oversaw the creation of the curriculum and ensured the school met all the educational standards, while LeBron served as the primary donor to help shape the outside-the-classroom goals of the school.

There are 240 students enrolled in the I Promise school.  The school targeted children who may have been struggling on their test scores, some kids with behavioral issues and some kids were brought in due to an older sibling being in the LeBron James Foundation.  The online articles were calling the children “high-risk” but I do not agree with that term.  It’s amazing what a child can do when they are actually given a chance… and LeBron has done just that!

Although he is preparing to go clear across the United States to the West Coast & play for the L.A. Lakers, there will ALWAYS be a huge part of him here with us through the school.

Take a look at some of the exclusive shots & videos filmed by “RA” of ClearviewMedia Productions & the host of the “REEL TALK” Sports show right here on Earkandyradio.com.

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