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Fans outraged over Vanessa Bryant NOT mentioning Kobe’s parents at memorial!

Vanessa Bryant gave a wonderful speech on her late husband and daughter. During the memorial she reflected on Kobe’s and Gi Gi but did not mention his parents.

I kept seeing people angry and outraged because they were not mentioned! From the information I gathered. Kobe was not close to his parents. Allegedly Kobe’s parents did not like that he married Vanessa, who is a Latino woman. On top that allegedly his parents sold some very important merchandise of Kobe’s in the past!

Unfortunately before his death Kobe was NOT speaking with his parents! Although the relationship was not perfect fans felt they should have been mentioned! Especially since without them there wouldn’t be a Kobe Bryant… what are your thoughts? Was Vanessa wrong for not mentioning his parents despite the fact they did not like her?

Check out the whole speech blow…

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One thought on “Fans outraged over Vanessa Bryant NOT mentioning Kobe’s parents at memorial!

  1. Thank you Simmie Simone for your response. I am just speechless at the “Shade” cast upon the parents of Kobe Bryant. Shame on the NBA, the guest speakers, and last,but not least, his wife, Vanessa! My GOD is a wonderful, forgiving GOD.
    There is no Love like a mother’s Love. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!

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