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Father And Son Charged With The Murder Of Ahmaud Arbery

Savannah, GA – After a national outcry for justice of Ahmaud Arbery, father and son who are allegedly responsible have been charged with murder.

Ahmaud Arbery, 25, was gunned down in a neighborhood outside of Brunswick, while jogging back in February. Cellphone video footage was released early this week, and it showed the entire altercation/ murder.

Gregory McMichael, 64, and his son, Travis McMichael, 34, claimed they were chasing Arbery because they “suspected” him of being a burglar.

It took 74 days for charges to be filed. 74 days where these murderers were able to enjoy their freedom after taking the life of an innocent, young black man.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation made the arrests and jailed the suspects literally the day after they began their own separate investigation and requested an outside prosecutor.

Take a look at the video below. There is no way in hell they should not have been arrested the day this took place, but kudos to the people for speaking out and demanding justice for Ahmaud Arbery.

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