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Fetty Wap’s Baby Momma Puts Him On Blast

Fetty Wap has two kids by the beautiful Lezhae Zeona, and she just put out some tea about the rapper, claiming she is leaving him!

She replied to one of her follower’s comments who said her daughter was so cute, she needed a sibling… saying “she has 50.” Sarcastically talking about how many kids the rapper has. Fetty Wap has seven children by six different women, so I can imagine it is hard for him to devote any real time to any of his kids.

She calls him a “F’n failure” and tells her fellow women followers not to have kids with people like him. She went on a huge rant on her Instagram page yesterday… and instead of summarizing it for you guys, I’m going to post all the juicy screenshots.

Do you think you could have a baby with a man/woman who has children with multiple other women/men (at least three)? & if he already isn’t taking care of the kids he has… what makes you think he will treat your kids any differently? Let’s talk about it.

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