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First Blog … 2/16/2016 (Teresa, mother of Reyanna)

Write something… smh. This night has been crazy. I don’t wish this on anyone especially a child with such big dreams and plans. I could write a book about this journey I swear. I’ve learned so much about cancer and medicines and procedures that I really never wanted to know! But at 12 years old Reyanna Lashea was fascinated and decided this is exactly what she wants to do in life. She maintained her honor roll with any activity she was allowed to do while battling Leukemia. And my baby became my hero. She’d rather go to church than anything else. She probably won’t remember but she told me today she saw wings behind Pastor Maceo on Sunday. (She said no one would probably believe her) Her dad, Robert Putnam has been a blessing. Don’t know too many that can and will do everything to be by their babies side every step of the way! He goes to her spinal taps and procedures when they put her under with a parent in the room cause I just can’t! He sits and does karaoke with her and rotates me nights so she’s never alone in here. She’s got his personality in a lot of ways and though I’ve never seen either cry throughout the first bout I’ve witnessed them both cry this time.

We came here cause she was unable to eat. Shoot she couldn’t even talk! The chemo causes mouth sores and radiation doesn’t help. My baby was down to 116, smh. Her spinal and bone marrow were postponed today because of her other complications. She needed 2 units of blood and platelets. Her medport (which is in her chest to inject medicine and draw blood often) isn’t functioning properly. She’s been poked on all fingers and prefers a actual needle in her arm instead now.

A few hours ago she had a panic attack. Scared her dad and me. Toni was saying ‘calm down na na’. Once she finally composed herself she couldn’t figure out what even happened or why. If u truly know me u know I cry period. Commercials, movies, ppl I dont even know. But especially about her. Now she’s being told she has a fever. Trouble because her ANC (her bodies ability to fight off germs) is zero. So three antibiotics going through her iv. She’s shaking uncontrollably. Her temp is almost 105. So she asked you all to pray. And just now she asked me to post something. So I have. There’s good days and bad days in this journey. Today isn’t anything I wanted to document or share. But here u have it.

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