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First Pics Of Rick Ross Baby Boy

For some reason, we seem to be obsessed with the celebrities and their lifestyles!  It’s something about all the glitz and glam that has us all wanting to know more.  Well our boy Ricky Rozay (Rick Ross the Boss  https://www.instagram.com/richforever/) showed the world his baby boy yesterday 12-12-18 on his Instagram account.

The new baby is named Billion Leonard Roberts, and he is adorable!  I for one am excited, because it seems like these celebrities make us wait months/years to finally see a glimpse of their babies.  I do understand why they wait, but I also appreciate them when they give their fans what we want.

Congratulations to Rick Ross on his new bundle of joy…  Now we just hope he can repair his relationship with his older kids.  Because let his baby momma (Tia Kemp) tell it…  he doesn’t even keep in touch with his other children.  

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