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Florida Veterinarian Sentenced To 272 Months For S€xually Taking Advantage Of Kids And Animals

A Florida veterinarian has been sentenced to nearly 22 years in prison for recording videos of himself s*xually abusing dogs and possessing child p*rnography. Investigators were tipped off last year after the file-sharing service Dropbox alerted them to a user who had uploaded 1,600 files of suspected child p*rn and animal abuse.

Prentiss Madden, 40, pleaded guilty in July to child p*rnography and animal cruelty charges, according to the US Attorney’s Office of the Southern District of Florida.

Prosecutors said Madden had recorded and shared videos of himself s*xually abusing dogs and created an “animal crush” video (in which animals are stepped on or trampled for human sexual gratification).  Homeland Security agents raided his home and discovered the footage, as well as conversations about bestiality, on his cell phones.

Back in March, Caring Hands Animal Hospital made the following statement: “

We at Caring Hands Animal Hospital are appalled by the nature of the charges against Prentiss Madden. Our legal team and every single member of the Caring Hands family will be doing everything in our power to aid law enforcement and facilitate their investigation and prosecution.”

Madden also accessed child p*rnography in his Dropbox, and (according to prosecutors) stored “thousands” of images in his account and cellphones. He also received child porn images and videos via online chats and social media where he often discussed s*xually abusing children.

Madden was sentenced to a total of 272 months in prison, the harshest penalty allowed under federal guidelines. Madden appeared remorseful when he spoke to Judge Martinez, attributing his crimes to past trauma and explaining how he witnessed his stepfather severely beat his mother as a child.

“This is never who I planned to be or thought I would be.
It does not represent who I am as a person.”

~ Prentiss Madden

This is honestly one of the sickest stories I have ever reported on. He violated the most innocent and helpless things… children and animals. There’s a special place in hell for Mr. Prentiss Madden!

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