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Fly Guy

One more time for the Fly Guy! When he posted this pic two weeks ago. I said this dude stay fly I should post him again. I then thought they prolly gone think I’m sweating this dude, but it’s kind of hard trying to find pictures of dudes just standing up taking a pic or co-operating with sending me the pic and telling me what they’re wearing and so on and so on. Anyway I asked him if he could send me the pic from his first post and he did with no problem told  me what he was wearing and thanked me for choosing him for the fashion pic as well as the father’s day post. So why not one more time for the fly guy! He was definitely some Eye Kandy! Dressed in all white  accented with a little color… This guy was too fly! I didn’t know him on a personal level but dude seemed like he was a cool laid back dude, very positive, and I loved his post. Some real words were being posted. This non-sense has got to stop. This was some modern day Martin & Malcolm type of ish! I’m praying for his family, his daughter and her mother. I didn’t even know him and I was hurt so I can’t even begin to imagine how they’re feeling. He got his wings today though…. RIParadise 2Lue! Fly High Fly Guy!fly guy

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