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So have you heard and seen Beyonce’s new single “Formation”? If not I advise you to google it, if I don’t find a video later today.

It speaks volume. About her black roots and how she like her men. Its booming with racial pride and black beauty. In her video, which has the set of New Orleans, she sinks a police car. Writing on the walls that proclaim to stop shooting us, and a police squad who surrenders to a child. Letting us know that she’s in the fight with us aganist police brutality.

Beyonce was not afraid to tell you that she works hard for her money. An that Illuminati had no part in it. She slays and she not afraid to tell the world. An she calling out to the rest of the women to do the same. I think we should take notes.

http://beyonce.tidal.com/ – For a free download of the song.


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