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Free at last!

Meek mill posted on Instagram that he was finally off probation! After years of fighting the courts over a mistake he made as a young man is finally over. He wasn’t suppose to get off probation yet but with a new reform he help create he was able to get off early.

This reform will help thousands or more people! If you’re familiar with the justice system you know they can put people on probation for years, making their life hard!

At times people have multiple expectations, rules and regulations to follow while on probation. That doesn’t include dropping clean urine throughout the month. The different programs or classes you may have to take.

A mistake you made at 18 can cost you 5 plus years to fix! Most cases people end up in trouble back in jail and still on probation. This reform Meek Mills, Billionaire Jay Z and other successful big name big money people aims to “fix” this prison Pipeline we face in our justice system.

Full disclosure has not been released on what requirements will be needed to allow someone to be eligible but it is a step towards change. So many people have felons that make it hard to live life. Being denied jobs, housing and the list goes on. All for something you’re suppose to be rehabilitated from yet stops you from from actually getting back into society.

I’m all for it! I will keep you updated on what’s next! Ever since Meek Mill was released from jail he has kept his word on correcting the injustice in our justice system. Challenging the big courts getting results and taking charge! That’s right bae make a difference in the world! Help our youth remember their Kings! And not thugs, gangsters or anyone thing that’s doesn’t bring greatness to their life’s!

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