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Free Cardi

Reports today mentioned everyone’s favorite girl Cardi B having  to turn herself in today. The rapper was charged with two misdemeanors, assault and reckless endangerment, after turning herself into New York police.Her mugshot was taken and she was fingerprinted.

Cardi allegedly put a hit out on two bartenders who allegedly slept with her husband Off Set! Cadri B who’s birth name is  Belcalis Almanzar– was expected to turn herself in to the police as part of an investigation into an assault complaint that stemmed from an incident that occurred on Aug. 29th at around 3 a.m. According to police, the 25-year-old rapper got into a fight.

She  allegedly had these women jumped on more than one  occasion. If you kept up with her beef with  Nicki Minaj  She mentioned it on her Queen radio show. Now the bartenders allegedly didn’t press charges but that might change soon since this could be a big pay day for them. So what do you guys think? Is Cardi wrong? Should she address her husband since he’s the one who betrayed her? Now days women often go after the woman and stay with the man. Now I’m sure Off Set got his too but what’s your thoughts.

Cardi looked great walking out and these twins are dope as well. Now I don’t  condone cheating but should Off Set get a pass for being famous and they type of lifestyle he has? Or should he have thought about that before he said “I do”.

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