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Free Fmb Dz!

Ladies it’s your time to shine! Unfortunately Detroit rapper Fmb Dz was arrested in Akron, Ohio. Real name Denzel Washington. According to authorities “Denzel Washington, 25, was arrested in the 700 block of Lakewood Boulevard, Akron after he was stopped for a traffic violation. Officers found a handgun, $1,900 and eight pounds of marijuana in the car!”

The Detroit native was in Akron, Ohio finishing up an album with local Akron artists who shall remain nameless. Bond has not been set yet. And no new information on this case is available. I’ll keep everyone updated!

Free him to it’s backwards!

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One thought on “Free Fmb Dz!

  1. Damn bro how long he finna do smh I hope they not finna really throw this nigga life away cuz everyone in my city which is Detroit fuck with dawg music but this shit gone kill everybody if he gotta take that right smh ik them crackers was happy af when they caught him I can feel it in my blood that he wish he would of did shit different ???Free FMBDZ

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