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Free Tommie Bitch

So I recently scrolled across a video of Tammy saying free Tommie! Both lady’s was counting chicken (money) and looking  gorgeous as always. You know both lady’s as being beautiful business woman who over came a ruthless past.

Tommie We first knew as a cast member of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, you know VH1 hit series. As scraps girlfriend but her I don’t give a fuck and boss bitch attitude stole the show! We all grow to love how open, real and relatable she was not to mention she about her bag.

Tammy is also a beautiful business woman, wife and cast member of the show. Being know as  Waka Flocka wife, we love Tammy. She’s a wonderful mother, friend and about her bag as well. Graceful as Tammy is don’t let the pretty face fool you she doesn’t play about the people she loves! She’s show us that time again.

But as to WHY our girl Tommie is locked up is unsure. I know via the show she was dealing with criminal issue  against fellow cast members. (  Josholine Hernandes) But don’t wish to report lies so once I find out I’ll update you all.


Tommie had had trouble in the best with the law but I’m praying she not down for long. She had some great music coming out soon and has been slaying events so like a Tammy said “ Free Tommie so she can get back to her bag”! I added the bitch lol

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