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French Montana Calls 50 Cent Out About Producing Tekashi 6ix9ine Story

We all know 50 Cent is the king of petty and talking that SH*T on social media. Well it looks like French Montana is coming for 50 Cent on his Instagram account, and he is talking BIG, BIG SH*T!

According to Media Take Out, 50 Cent has purchased the rights to Tekashi 6ix9ine’s life story and will be a mini series out of it and putting it on Starz. French Montana blasted it on Instagram and it seems some of the fans are against it, but a lot of them seem to be for it, praising 50 Cent for making major moves.

50 Cent started it though, in all fairness LOL. what fueled French Montana to go after 50 Cent late last night was 50 Cent talking trash about French Montana buying and “old, used Bugatti.” Yesterday, he posted a video about him purchasing a new Bugatti (#NipseyBlue) and how he was feeling like a BO$$ and real motivated.


Seems legit right?? Then the next thing you know, in the next post he loaded, he is coming for 50 Cent… accusing him of fronting for the people and saying how he doesn’t really buy those expensive cars & houses you see in his video & even saying he went bankrupt 5 times.

But it doesn’t stop there… he had one last post about 50 Cent to wrap it all up for his followers.


Damn, right?!?! So how do you guys feel about 50 Cent possibly making a mini series out of the Tekashi 6ix9ine story?? I honestly think it was a power move for 50 Cent because we all know he is going to GET PAID… BUTTTT I really don’t like the fact of his snitching being glorified. 50 Cent is from the streets, and it just seems like we shouldn’t be giving Tekashi any air time, play time… nothing! What ever happened to “snitches get stitches?” Nowadays, it’s like snitches get praised. Comment your thoughts below.

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