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French Montana May Be Getting Sued For Leaking Power Episode

A most of you know, 50 Cent & French Montana have been “BIG BEFFIN” on social media. Now it all started when French Montana posted a picture of an older Bugati he bought and 50 Cent started clowning him, talking about his old car & posted a picture of his brand new Bugati he purchased.

Well any who, fast forward… French Montana posted a “leaked” clip of the #1 show on Starz, Power, to get back at 50 Cent & Starz is pissed off about it. An insider talked to the media & said

“What French did was outrageous and illegal, we’re going after him. It’s pretty cut and dry, from a legal standpoint. He’s going to have to pay millions for this.”

We will keep you guus updated on all the drama as it unfolds. French Montana has removed the clip of Power, but I just saw this… WOW!

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