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Friends Giving tradition still going after 4 year

Four years ago 62 year old Wanda Dench text the wrong number and started a “friends giving” tradition. A text that was for her grandson about Thanksgiving dinner was sent to 20 year old Jamal Hinton. Hinton told Ms. Dench that although he would love to come to dinner he was not her grandson and that she had the wrong number.

Wanda invited Jamal to dinner anyway when he expressed that he did not have any plans for thanksgiving. Wanda knowing the importance of family at this time of year welcomed Jamal to dinner with open arms. The text went viral on Twitter. Four years later Jamal is still attending the Dench’s thanksgiving dinner. This story is so touching in the world we live in today. Despite age, gender and race differences the two are very close friends and have started a great tradition. This is what thanksgiving is all about. Family, helping others that are in need or who don’t have family to spend the holidays with. Not only did Jamal gain a grandma but Dench gained another loving grandson.

Happy Friends Giving everyone and may you spread love, kindness and good food with the ones you love. Blood doesn’t always makes you family and this touching story is a perfect example.

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