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From Godfather To Husband: 46-Yr-Old Man Marries His 18-Yr-Old Goddaughter

Facebook has been in an uproar after learning about (approximately) 46-year-old man, Mike Haugabook, marrying his 18-year old baby mother, Deja (Evans) Haugabook.

Mike & Deja got married in early September, and initially people were thinking he was just a sick pedophile who likes younger girls, as they already have a two-year-old daughter together (which means they have been messing around at least since she was 15/16).

Mike also had three other older children, whom he has custody of.

There were so many people are who had negative opinions and began commenting about their marriage. Facebook users claim all the adults in Deja’s life clearly failed her and started talking bad about her biological parents.



Deja began firing back! She went live from her husband’s page (after getting blocked on Facebook, which has now been deleted) to let everybody know she doesn’t care what anybody thinks! She is a grown woman, her husband makes a lot of money, she spoke bad on her biological mother, and a lot of other things you would expect to hear from a hurt 18-year-old teenager.

Things took a turn when her mother went live and told us Mike is actually Deja’s GODFATHER! He has been grooming her since she was two-years-old!

Not only is he her godfather, but he also had sex with Deja’s biological mother in 2017. She said he paid her $150 and gave her a cell phone, and yes her daughter knew about it.

Her mother claims she lost her kids because she was young, wild and on drugs, but she was always there for them. She ended up going to prison and gum charges, actually protecting her daughter.

Her mother tells Deja to never speak to her again. She claims to be a witch, and said she doesn’t have to do anything physical to her, because she can send spirits.

Click on the link below to watch to the video. Comment & let’s talk about this!

CLICK HERE >>>> https://www.facebook.com/100007392946881/posts/3003245363265199/?d=n

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