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Future Accused Of Sending Degrading Text Message To His Son About His Son’s Mother, Brittni Mealy

Okay, what’s new… more alleged drama with rapper Future and one of his (many) baby mommas. Future has been accused of texting his seven year old son, Prince Wilburn (son with Brittni Mealy) some pretty foul messages involving his son’s own mother.

Brittni shared screenshots of an alleged heated exchange between Future and their seven-year-old son, Prince on her Instagram story.

Initially Brittni was so pissed off that she shared the screenshots with his phone number still showing (Damn she didn’t even have his number saved). She later deleted it and changed his name to “Dad1” but still reposted the thread.

To make matters even worse, Future’s mother (@msj_fabulous) weighed in on the drama and decided to put her own 2 cents in

Naturally this only made Brittni feel even madder about the situation, so she replied to Future’s mom in her story.

This whole situation is sad because at the end of the day, there’s a seven year old boy in the middle of all the drama, who doesn’t deserve any of this. Parents need to learn how to co-parent better, and grandparents definitely need to learn how to not make the situation even worse! I’m sure little Prince was hurt by his father’s text message about his mother. When you know better, you do better! Let’s do better people.

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