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G Herbo opens up about co parenting with Ari after her and Taina Meets up to talk

G Herbo opens up about his co patenting situation with Ari after her and his girlfriend Taina meets up to talk! Now after a messy break up and a break up in general it’s hard to co parent! And when your a public figure your personal life unfold in front of the media.

The two share a handsome son! And recently G Herbo sat down to open up about how happy he was his Ari and Taina could work out there differences. Especially since he doesn’t want his relationship to interfere with him being a father. Of course he wants the mother of his child to know that their child would always be safe.

Ari and G Herbo both love their child and I’m happy they figured out a positive way to co parent. What really matter is our children having two loving parents. We can coexist with one another without trying to kill each other or their partner.

Check out the full interview below.

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