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Game 7 – Bar 4 Bar Battle Rap SCIZAS vs MAFFII


The Battle Rap at Game 7…  Bar 4 Bar was so DOPE, CRAZY, HYPE, FUN, ENERGETIC!!!  It was hosted by none other King K

As you guys know, it was between Scizas (from the North) VS Maffii (From the East).  Everybody came out, and Maffii definitely brought his A-Game.  All week he talked about it was going to be Scizas funeral and I must say Maffii delivered.  He came with some dope punchlines, and most of all he had the crowd!  THE WHOLE EAST SIDE WAS IN THE BUILDING!!!  I don’t know what was wrong with Scizas because I have heard him come with fire before… Maybe he underestimated his opponent, maybe the lack of the crowd attention put a damper on things or maybe it was the fact that a lot of the things he said went over people’s heads because the majority of the crowd was not for him.  Either way, it was a dope battle.

Will there be a part 2???  Stay Tuned



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